Covet Fashion - Best Fashion Game ever

If there is one fashion game that you would love to play, then Covet Fashion is sure on the list. The game has more than 5 million downloads and more than 100 thousand reviews, because of which it proves that it is one of the best fashion game up top date.

According to the record published by the developers, 70% of its user that are synced and verified through Facebook are ladies. This means although the majority of the users of the game are ladies, even gentlemen play the game which is quite uncommon but acceptable.

Even though men try to deny these kind of facts and try to stay away from these kinds of girls activities, the stats shows that even men play the game despite in a lesser number than the female which is quite common.

What do you really do in this game ?

Shop Real Brands - Shop the season's hot and real brands like French collection, Rachel Zoe, etc which are all real in a real life.

Head to to Styles - Choose from the head to toes accessories like caps, rings, shoes, clothes etc and style your fashion.

Vote - Another feature that makes it interesting is you can vote for other player's look to either encourage or discourage them.

Online Website - The online website of the game, Covet Fashion provides real time update of the game which means if there are any new additions to the feature, you will know them if you follow them online.

Facbook Fan Page - There is an interactive Facebook fan page of the game with almost 100 thousand followers. The officials posts the game updates and interactions  of the game in their Facebook page. Alongside, they also have an official twitter and Pinterest page. There are more than 12000 followers of the game in the twitter. The game is itself following more than 1000 people and there are more than 2000 tweets over the course of the time.

Ratings and Reviews 

Majority of the people have positive reviews of the game. Out of 100 thousands ratings, half people think that the game is worth five ratings. This is really a great stats to follow.

Can the game be hacked ? This is a great question. Many people look for a hack in order to improve their performance in the game. There are many hack tool for the game, but I do not have any genuine experience with these online hack tools.

Not even in Covet Fashion, the hack tools are also available for many other top games, however I do not think these hack tools works in the game where online server is used.

This is why these kind of games could not be hacked easily, so instead of trying for hacking the game, you should either make the in app purchase or enjoy the game in a slow way so that you will enjoy the progress gradually.

Backyard Birding made easy with wildabout birds

So if you need tips, pics and gears for new borders, wild about birds is one of the great source for that. The owner of the website has created mobile optimized website for for their visitors to help the new birders.

Along with the accessories and other bird related stuffs, you could also get free how to tips and tricks at the wild about birds.

One of the main advantage of the website is that you will enjoy the secured site as the website is hosted in a secured socket layer.

Along with their services, you will also get to know the tips and tricks for attracting birds which includes tips like Choosing the right bird food & feeder.

On the off chance that you need to draw in winged creatures, a feathered creature feeder and some fledgling nourishment is an incredible spot to begin. Flying creature feeders are anything but difficult to purchase and hang, and the right nourishment is certain to draw in winged creatures.

So what sort of flying creature sustenance would it be a good idea for you to get for your winged creatures? That relies on upon what sort of fowls you need to pull in to your yard! Distinctive sorts of nourishment pull in various types of feathered creatures.

On the off chance that you need to draw in bluebirds, mealworms are the best sort of nourishment to put out. Bluebirds will turn their mouths up at numerous seeds and nuts that different feathered creatures love. In the event that you need a flying creature seed that will pull in a wide mixture of feathered creatures, dark oil sunflower seeds are the ideal decision. They are certain to unite distinctive fowls on your feeder.

Top Five best Web Design Company in Nepal

The scope of website design has increased a lot in Nepal. There are different website design companies in Nepal that provide their service.

Many people may think that the companies in Nepal may not have a quality delivery and they may end up choosing companies from outsource in order to get their complex and professional projects delivered. However IT companies in Nepal have been able to deliver their works in top countries abroad. This is why you may not compromise in quality and certainly you could get quality delivery from Nepalese countries as well.

Now when you have to choose the ten best companies among different in Nepal's market, which would be the best 10 ? You can pass your views in the comments below, however here is a list of 10 best web design companies in Nepal according to our views.

1. Orange Tech Web Design : The best company in Nepal according to our view is Orange Tech. They are newly developed and enthusiastic web design company that mostly work for international clients. They are internet marketing company in Nepal with Google certified staffs which makes them more reliable to work with. One of the most important they are the best in the local market is because they provide a huge discount to the Nepalese community. Their professional website design prices starts from Nepalese rupees 10,000,which is really a competitive price in terms of quality.

Their recent portfolio items comes mostly of international clients which makes them one of the best in the market.

2. Web Creation Nepal :  Another outstanding company that deal with their foreign clients. Dealing with foreign clients always delivers better quality and proves the capability of the company. The company lies in Bagbazar, near to old bus park in Kathmandu Nepal. The website design company also does web hosting, domain registration and other web related services like promotions.

3. Pracas Infosys :  When it comes to the best school, colleges or even best web design companies, the list is dominated with the companies from inside the valley. However Pracas Infosys in one of the design company outside from valley that lies in Biratnagar. The Biratnagar based company delivers quickly with a perfect design. They also help in internet marketing and promotions which remains other services. One of the main reason why pracas Infosys is better is because they host all their websites in a dedicated servers which makes it easy and faster to manage.

4. Curves and Colors : The name itself represents a quality brand. Curves and colors is a website designing company in Nepal that helps to get Nepalese business in the internet. With a lot of experience , the website designing firm is worth a trust. The company lies in Kamaladi and provides a wide range of services along with website designing.

5. Pattern Fusion The first impression when you visit their website will keep you inspired. With a clean presentation on their homepage, they represent how serious they are with their work. They have been working with clients withing and outside of nation. Most importantly they have their own template in sale which makes them different from other companies.

Now that we have given you a list of best web companies in Nepal, you must be aware of the capabilities of Nepalese companies. They are responsible for delivering works not only in Nepal but also in abroad which makes them a quality services.

If you have any suggestion for the lists, you can always comment below. We will update this list every year, so stay updated with the bacis changes.

What could be the best Free Image Hosting Website

There are different options on how you can share images in the internet. With the use of Facebook and Google+, you could just upload an image and share it with your friends. However, these are social media websites which are meant to do much more than just uploading and sharing the website.

Instead there are different other websites that are meant to do this work for you. You can upload your website and share them in the internet without even wasting your bandwidth.

One of the website is imgup, free cheeby image hosting website , that allows you to save and share images over the internet. The website is made out of chevereto Scirpt so it is complete and easy to use and even mobile fri endly as it passes the mobile friendly test even from Google.

The main functionality of the website is that it can adjust high bandwidth call as well. Since people share images all over the internet including top social media network like reddit and the website also could handle the bandwidth when the image was once featured in the home page of reddit. This proves how strong the server is and how completely you could rely on it.

A picture paints thousand words, this is why pictures are much important. And with trolls taking the market, people share their images over the internet and for that we need a platform. Nothing could be the best one than I have mentioned above.

What makes it more important ?

The website is owned by an entrepreneur from Romania who took over from its previous owner back in February 2015 with new enthusiasm and energy. The 24 years old owner is Romanian entrepreneur who owns different other websites including and

He is a full time wordpress developer and has interest in different other online ventures worldwide.

"I have a great plan for imgup, I will try it to make one of the best image hosting website in future and this is my plan", Calin Gabriel, the owner of said.

"Because images covers most of the bandwidth in the internet, our aim is to save majority of bandwidth for business in the internet.", he continued.

Orange Tech Starts with affordable website designing packages

One of the new IT company in the town has started with an affordable website designing package that would mainly help the small startup business.

Orange Tech is a website design and internet marketing company that has set an aim to contribute in the development of Information Technology in the country.

With its affordable website designing packages, Orange Tech focus on making web an easy one to cope up with.

You can check different affordable design packages and also contact them directly through their contact page in Nepal.

Beside Orange Tech has different projects now and then plans for the future. Their first plan would be to start a charity website in order to help the needy people in Nepal, beside there are other projects as well which Orange Tech has been planning to work for.

Another current projects is The Football today blog where they intend to upload recent hapenings in the football industry.

There are different other industries in Nepal, however one of the important one is IT industry. There are different companies which helps in the development of Technology in Nepal, however Orange Tech is certainly one of them.