Nepal vs Philippines 2014 friendly– What should the strategy be

Nepalese Football has been a setback in terms of the results, mostly of the international Football. Nepalese Football has failed to give expected results in recent times and have been trophy less in last two decades which is huge disappointment for the fans that are all crazy about Nepalese Football.

Although Cricket has caught a quick height in recent time considering their respectful performance in World Cup Cricket, the most love sports is Football in the nation. People want to see results in Nepalese football; however they have failed to gain any.

The live of the match could be followed in different football portals in nepals with the likes of goal nepal and give me goal Nepal

Nepal’s recent defeat to 25 spot below Yemen is a clear display of what Nepalese Football lacks, attacking. Nepal played a good game in back line and the central of the field; however they failed on communication between the midfield and the front line which offered the opponents only a few shots on goals, and the countable one only with week shots.

Karna Limbu, Ashim Jung Karki, Deepak Rai all were given chances in the Yemen Friendly but only when the time was ticking away. They were given chance only in last 15 minutes of the game.

Philippines Friendly should be played positively. The last time Nepal played Philippines, it was a 4-0 victory for the Phil and  to accept the truth, Nepal’s standard is way below stable balance Philippines team that has been preparing for the AFC Challenge cup.

Nepal must gain something when they take on Philippines. They must either play defensively in order to achieve a draw which might influence current FIFA ranking or test new players who could be the future of national teams. Sujal Shrestha, Karna Limbu, Ashim Jung Karki, Deepak Rai, Shiva Shrestha are the name that should break into the start and test their ability as we have nothing to loose when we take on 30 spot ahead Philippines in Friendly match at Doha Qatar.

Chelsea and Arsenal vs Everton and Sunderland - Streaming Blog

Chelsea will take on Everton as they blues have high expectations under their special one Jose Mourinho.

The blues stand at the top of the table with just one point clear ahead of the Arsenal and three points clear of Manchester City which means Chelsea would not afford to loose any point when they take on Everton at the Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea vs Everton Streaming will be available in which is one of the top website for Nepali Football.

Meanwhile Arsenal will take on Sunderland in other Premier league match which will be available in

Meanwhile Everton is not an easy team to defeat as they have been doing well so far in the league Everton were fighting for Champions league position, however the task became difficult when Everton were 4-0 down to Liverpool in the Mersey side derby. This means Everton now has five points below Spurs and eight point below forth placed Liverpool which means they will be facing a tough competition to compete in the Champions league.

The match will kick off from Nepal time 6:30 pm and the live Streaming of the match will be available Zazoo, Jawalakhel.

Nepal Cricket and Football - Do they Need Competitions ?

With Cricket's rise and Football's fall, Nepali Cricket has been loved much but still Football is the best sports in Nepal.

Considering's a semifinal defeat to Afghanistan, Nepali Football has not been able to deliver much, while in the other hand, Nepali Cricket has reached to the World Cup T20, which is the very first time, Nepali Sports has reached to certain height.

There has been a lot of discussion on which has been the greates sports in the country however there is no certain answer to that. It depends on people to people on which sports they prefer.

Considering the current situation, Nepali Cricket has delivered much without or with just little investments, while Nepali Football has lot more investments considered to the Nepalese cricket, however has failed to deliver good result.

The only positives of SAFF championship was the rise of Bimal Gharti Magar and a victory against India that was one of the most happy moment in Nepali Football in past decades.

Nepalese Football must now be seriously managed, the league has been just a formality completed, matches are done at hurry, a team plays three matches a week which is certainly not good at all as they wont get much time in the training, neither they get any time for rest which concerns the fitness. This is why Nepalese Footballers never get to play with 100% fitness.

Meanwhile Nepali Cricket has been in the safe hands of Pubudu who has done a lot at recent time, still it needs development.

We hope to see these sports developed side by side, not as a competitors.

SAFF Championship 2013 Nepal - Fixtures

Nepal hosts SAFF Championship 2013 after a long time. Watch the fixtures of the matches right from here.

Nepal is currently busy performing friendly matches preparing for upcoming SAFF Championship. Hosting the tournament at home, Nepal has high hope to end up trophy drought in home.

No doubt the men in the red and blue will get full support from home fans who would never compromise support the team.

The task of keeping trophy at home is difficult task. Lying low in SAFF region and having pressure to win the tournament, Nepal must keep calm and stand together to take advantage of home support.

The tournament starts from August 31 with Nepal taking on arch rivals Bangladesh in the opening SAFF Championship 2013 Nepal Fixture  and the closing ceremony of the match in on 11th September.

The tournament was previously scheduled from first of September but later on issuing the technical reason, the kick off was pulled a day before.

The matches will be played in Dasarath Rangashala and Halchowk ground as Nepali Football Team will have high hope to make history.

Shakti Gauchan Training for Rajesthan Royals

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It is currntly rumored that Nepali Cricket team player Shakti gauchan has been called on Rajesthan Toyals to train for them and get into selections. If he is selected he will be the first one to play for Indian Premier League from Nepal.
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Nepal had recently played 20-20 selection and ranked 7th place. Considering Nepal's performance and shakti Gauchan's Performance, he has been called for the selections.
We wish him great luck for his future and hope he gets selected.