Orange Tech Starts with affordable website designing packages

One of the new IT company in the town has started with an affordable website designing package that would mainly help the small startup business.

Orange Tech is a website design and internet marketing company that has set an aim to contribute in the development of Information Technology in the country.

With its affordable website designing packages, Orange Tech focus on making web an easy one to cope up with.

You can check different affordable design packages and also contact them directly through their contact page in Nepal.

Beside Orange Tech has different projects now and then plans for the future. Their first plan would be to start a charity website in order to help the needy people in Nepal, beside there are other projects as well which Orange Tech has been planning to work for.

Another current projects is The Football today blog where they intend to upload recent hapenings in the football industry.

There are different other industries in Nepal, however one of the important one is IT industry. There are different companies which helps in the development of Technology in Nepal, however Orange Tech is certainly one of them.


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