Anju Panta Biography

Anju panta BiographyAnju Panta is the rising star of Nepali entertainment and she is a great playback singer.Her great hit Nabirse Timilai has proved her quality of singing.She has been know in the singing market with her hit "Nabirse Timilai na paye timilai,bina aartha dil ma sajaye timilai".Restaurants to hotels,cars to buses no doubt her song is played lot because of the beautiful music and not to mention the beautiful voice behind this song.

The sweet Singer with the sweet voice singing the sweet song is not belonging with the family with musical background which would be a plus point for her music career if it was.All her hard work made her succeed in her music career.
Born to Bishnu Panta and Mana Maya Panta,she learned to sing some bhajans in her past.She used to listen and sing Lata Mangeshker's song but she never dreamed to become a singer.Her musical career started in 1997 when she sang a Bhajan.Later on winning the Modern song competition in Radio Nepal in 1998 made her realize that she could make a career in music.In no time film makers to composers started offer her songs and she is great boon in music Industry Nepal.

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