Nabin K Bhattarai|Biography

Biography of Nabin K Bhattarai

Nabin Bhattarai Biography
Nabin k Bhattarai,a famous Nepali Celebrity.He is pride to the nation and contributed a lot in Nepali music.He is been favorite of Nepali music followers.His musical journey has been an inspiration to the Nepali music lovers.He has prooved to be the boon for the Nepali music.
Born in the year 1974 on 14th of march,he proved he had born to contribute Nepali music.As a child he was a naughty boy as a result he was boarder in Budanilakantha School.Painting,Sports and listening music were his interest and they still are.He passed his SLC from the same school and when he passed intermediate level too,the time begun with music.He with his some friends established a band 'The steels wheel'.Nabin occupied the space of rhythm guitarist in the band and the band performed some concerts,all the band members except Nabin himself flew abroad.However the band acted as the catalyst in his musical career.As per his personal interest,he recorded his first song 'Aakhama Timilai' which was appreciated by the Nepali music Lovers and in no time he was successful singer.
Later he contributed a lot in Nepali music.As a result he was rewarded with different awards.His first ever award was Sajjan Smriti which was also followed by Chinnalata award and five more hits Fm awards.The man with huge fan following was himself a fan of Pink Floyd and was highly inspired by his music although Nepali people loved him as a sentimental singer.He is not only a singer but a good music composer too.


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