Sudin Pokharel Biography/Da 69 History

Sudin Pokharel Biography
This is a biography of Sudin Pokharel commonly known as DA 69 in Nepali Rap and Music World.I have been inspired to write something about him because we used to live in same place in biratnagar but may be he does not know me now.The time changed and he has got a lot of popularity.
Born on the 23 Feb in kathmandu,his home town was biratnagar and lived in the place named saraswati tole,a place named on the popularity of famous saraswati mandir in Biratnagar.He was a son of a professor of political science.He was called 'Pokhrel sir ko chora' or 'Professor sahab ko chora'.He was born to his mother who used to work as opthalmic assistance in Nepal Eye hospital in Biratnagar.His sister is web page designer who is recently in Australia.Born to a good family,his childhood was good.
Giving his SLC from St Joseph's School,well known school situated at saraswati tole,Tinpainee,Biratnagar,he was considered as an avarage student.He passed I.A and B.A from Ratna Rajya Campus in Journalism in Kathmandu and Masters from Tribhuvan university.He also formed a band with Sugam Pokharel and contriuted in a song like 'Udhi jane yo panchi haina,Dubi jane yo Gham haina,mero maan.'Seperated with Sugam Pokharel in the musical field but are the good friends Still.He was called Diwash Pokharel in his schools.This may be secret to all his fan.
He was jobless initially but he recovered when Girish Khatiwoda called him for featuring in Album Back Again and got the song hit 'Ma yesto chhu,ma usto chhu.'Later he applied and got a job on Kantipur Telivision as an sports newsreader having an initial interest in sports.He used to play cricket as an opening bowler and middle order batsman in his local team.
The most Nerve breaking incident according to him was when he was perfroming and a girl from the audience just climbed the stage,hugged and kissed him.
This Nepali Rap boy has now contributed a lot in Nepali music and has been the heart of many Nepali music Fans.


I like him very much but shit he is married...

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