Jharna Thapa Busy in Music Video

Actress Jharna Thapa has been now engaging in the music video.she just used to be engaged in the shooting of movies but the days at present,she has been managing some time for the shootings of music videos.She was just seen with Rajesh Hamal on 11 july 2010 in the shooting of a song by Jagadish Hamal.She says 'If the Budget,song and the director are good,I will manage sometime for the music video.'
Although she gets a lot of offer for the music videos,she says she shoots only the selected songs.She says,'I get a lot of offers but If I find the song attractive and get good payment for it,I will be ready to get enrolled in the music videos.'
According to her,there are some of the positive site on getting enrolled in music videos.She says the working days are too short in comparing with movies and the music videos gets published faster so that to get faster reactions from the viewers.So she says she likes to take a part as an actress in music videos.
Till present Jharna has already acted in the music videos of the songs 'timi bini eklo va chu','timi binako jiwan','yo ooth timro','kasle lane ho malai',etc in which she has got partners such as Bhuwan K.c,Rajesh Hamal,etc.
Source:Converted to English From Nayapatrika 28 ashad 2067


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