Use free Ncell Gprs in Mobile Phones EDGE Hack


Using internet in mobile phones from Ncell can be free because this has happened to me many times and I am going to share it.
Whenever you use internet chats in mobile using Ncell for a long time,after sometime you will be notified a charge deduction as it says the last call charge was 0.0 and your remaining balance is ...
When you get this message while using GPRS in NCELL,you can use unlimited internet without disconnecting for free.
This costs nothing.

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As a looked in net(googled) n forumsetc..i found that nepalease guys who have tricks 4 ntc/ncell are refusing 2 share those tricks 4 free 3g/gprs,n i really hate such jerks! honestly..
I had many tricks n i had shared in many forums 2..
so 2day is ur day..let's begin my frn )
Make u remind that:- Both ntc n ncell had been hacked since long ago,n 'll b hacked 4's well knw!!

Let's move on 3.5g net i.e. Ncell..folks there had just have recovered the bug of"network shifting" same like of BSNL in nov. 13 night! 2010. B4 nov. 13 3.5g net was completely freee!! Just combining popular 1hr 6min and BSNL trick! i had shared it many blogs etc..if u dont get n read tht u were late...but don wory 2day i have got new trick so don regret..But one thingis that it's still in construction..i mean it's gets connects n discnnects regularly..well you can use nimbuzz,mig,uc,opera.(fb,htm,ym.etc) 4 freeE!! but as i mentioned it gets frequently connect n discnnt,so whn i fix that i'll update u..

Let's begin trick(IT'S NT 1HR 6MIN):- Requirement:- 3.5g enabled phone(preffered),opera 5.1(mod. If possible) and uc (any version). In my case used on n95 & n82 using minis60 modded beta. N uc 7.5 If above thing okay!

Now here we go:-
1)define 3 diff. acesspoint.
->Web: with apn "web" ->Uc: with apn"mms.mero"
->Opera: with apn"mero"
(i hav named access point according to apps,so it becomes easy in using)
2) open default "web" app frm menu just hit sum web add..n it asks 4 data connection select "web" hai..then u'll see 3.5g icon then switch to menu widout closing web.
3)then go to opera mini n open any page but select "opera" as connection,again switch to menu widout closing u'll see mulitple line connection 3g icon.
4)Now the final one where we'll get free net!! Open uc..n in setting set "uc" as the default connection..that's it now ur done!! Open fb,htm,ym..any page make sure, u'll get message like "your last call charge is 0.00 and so on..." frequently which means u r having free net widout deducting baln.
(if u want 2 use free net in mini then swap 3 & 4th
All it was 4 browsing pages n chating..nxt 4dwnld..i prefer uc 4 with runningall 3 apps also open connctn. manager coz u hav 2 monitor if u exceed 100 kb limit in each pause"resume" operation,now u don hav 2 wait 4 1hr 6min..infact widin 6min u'll b dwnlng 1 mb..he he.. so cheers!! Just make sure that each dwnld block size is within 100 kb total connection so 4 that 2 monitor u need conn. manager at background..

VVI remember that the connection established at last is only freeeee..
------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now ntc turn..4 ntc ihave trick only 4 gprsnot 4 3g currntly now! (i'm working on it) So let's do's the most easiest trick i think most of us knw dis but gprs is 2 slow cmpared to 3.5 g ncell..anyway here is dtrick
1) use less than 1mb widin hr..make sure nt even 1000kb hai..
2)then just make connection idle till 1hr 15min..voila!! u r done..browse net 4 free 4 that,fb etc..he he

- HSDK..

any querries or difficulty in process ask me... (if otherz knw sm working trick WC 2 share mate:)


Can you make it look easier for novices like us.. I mean you have found the way. if you are afraid that people will missuse it then just keep it as a download link.. what do you say.. it has to be user friendly. Though many thanks for this info...

Will u please make it clearly i couldn't understand this article.

i have abdroid galaxy how can i use free net in ncell or ntc...ncell lets cab i conect for free to use in pc..or mb atleast

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