NTC GPRS for Free|Hack Nepal Telecom

Trick to use Service from Nepal Telecom

This may not be called hacking but I can define it as a trick,a trick with which you can use GPRS from Nepal Telecom for free.
To you GPRS,you will need to activate GPRS on your SIM card and configure your cell phone to use GPRS on it and then you can use GPRS internet following the payment plan from NTC or by using free GPRS access from my idea.
This is such a simple idea.NTC usually deduct your money and charges you after you end GPRS session.You will be charged to use GPRS just after you end GPRS session.So to not to pay for using GPRS,just use GPRS as much as you can and when its time to disconnect,directly take out the battery from mobile phone before ending the GPRS connection and leave it for 10 minutes.
You can check afterwards and Find that your balance was not deducted.


this trick is very good but the gprs connection of ntc is very slow so i am using 3g service if u have any trick on 3g then please write about it because i have lost many many money by using it.

its really grt trick i guess , i havnt tried it yet. bt the prblm is i hav got i-phone so there is no way of takin out the battery so is there any solution for iphone users ???????

For those using Ntc 2G

In ntc use gprs for around 8 hrs without disconnect continously after that no charge is cost u may try just opening simple page in opera and open whole nyte or what abt give a try being online in mig...
For iphone just leave yahoo or facefook or other apps online also can leave it online on background by keeping badges and alerts on in iphone settings of fb and other appps this make u connected continously (for 3g) leave gprs on everytime and suggested that do not use more gprs for 8hrs and do not cut it off after then use as much u like...can be used as free browsing and chating & also apps download i suggest u not to download apps sometime may be risk of charging then be on for weeks and months enjoy ...

That's all i know and using ntc (although slow but free) on my n70 and iphone....

By aashish...

Thanks for sharing the ideas..

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