Sugam Pokharel Biography

Biography of Sugam Pokhrel

Sugam Pokharel Biography
Sugam Pokharel,the famous hunt in Nepal is a famous singer in Nepal.His voice is his pride.Usually he was praised by his good voice which was his inspiration to be the singer.His childhood days were in Biratnagar where he first opened his eyes.He was a very shy kid in his child days.He was only able to overcome his shyness after he was in class 8.Class 8 onwards he was as social as other child and his desires were as other children's desire.He remembers he used to listen the songs of Sanjay Shresha,Deep shrestha and Harish Mathema which unknowingly influenced him towards his destiny.
From his earlier life he had an interest in music and used to sing in his school function.He used to be praised for his voice which made him inspired to be a singer.He initially had no intension of becoming a singer.Soon after his SLC,he rushed away to kathmandu as all the students do to search a way for the aims and ideas.Initially having no desire to sing a song as a professional singer or having not any aim to be a singer,later he thought of recording a song and had a wish to record a song.He and His friend Sudin Pokharel popularly known DA 69 in music world recorded a song named 'ma maya garchu' but they did not released it because of lack of guide in music and Lyrics.Secondly they recorded another sond 'Payera Timilai' but it never tally their expectations.
Finally at the end of year 2058 B.S he recorded his third song 'Mero Sansar' which was a hit. It was his own Lyrics and composition which was liked by people.Then his song 'Pheri tyo din' was another hit which could capture the no.1 position in the Nepali music.Later on he was able to give some more hits and was able to get a great position in musical world.He therefore was able to get a lot of rewards including 'Hits Fm new Best artist Award' and lot more.His voice proved to be a great boon to the Nepali music.


ur voice is great i heard ur voice in MERO EUTA SATHI CHA, then i really fond of u.
may GOD bless u in every path

Yes Sugam Pokharel is Really Great...I too Personally Like him

Sugam is my idol. He is king of music.

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