Nepali Gai Jatra|Gaijatra

Nepali Gaijatra

Gai jatra is one of the adorable Festival of Nepal.This is the festival of Gai i.e cow.Jatra refers to festival so this word itself deflects its meaning.It is the festival of cows.This is a famous festival for Nepali specially Newari.The Festival is usually celebrated in the montha of Bhadra(August or September).The festival has its own value.

But here I am going to describe the other gai jatra.Gaijatra also describes a comedy.Gaijatra is specially a kind of show or something to make people laugh.This makes a kind of comedy show or something that makes people laugh.The topic deals with the current happenings in the country like political and other deals and caricaturist caricatures and make people laugh.

Usually gaijatra is done by Nepali Maha jodi Haribansa Acarya and Madan Krishna who are the comedy king of Nepal.You may see how comedy they are:


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