Close Up Music Jam

its time to music jamClose Up music jam is the rocking show in the rocking radio station of the Nation Radiokantipur 96.1 MHZ.This show is hosted by two of the bokas(The RJ's titled as bokas in the show) Ashish and Prashan and they host it such a great way that I do not think anyone dislike the show.The blog post is just targeted to increase the listener of the show.The show starts every Wednesday and Thursdays at 7 p.m to 8 p.m live on Kantipur F.M 96.1 Mhz and the show is all for entertainment and plays English songs as dedicated by the listeners.I am also the listner of the show sharing my personal experience about the show and requesting all other than the listner just to enjoy the show.The show always Rocks.You can also check detail about it in Radiokantipur can request the songs all at
or listen the Program live and online at

You can also share the Fanpage of radiokantipur on facebook at
Its Time for music jam

I suggest you to listen this
Just listen the Program.I bet You will like it.International listeners are most welcomed to the show.Just check the time compatible with your country and start listening.

If you are unable to listen music jam due to some time problem or any other reason.Please go to the official music jam Fan page at Facebook Its Time for music jam and you can enjoy music jam at facebook.

May be I am unable to convince you with my words but I assure you if you listen the show once,you will be habituated to it as music jam Rocks.

Love You Music Jam


Yeah,,music jam is the best radio program in this world I have ever listened to and the bokas are the best one..

Yes Music Jam and For sure Radio kantipur is the best.

Music jam Rocks for sure..

Music Jam is The BEst Of all.Thanks for its promotion

Try This Link If previous link of musicjam request doesnot work..

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