Biography of Nima Rumba

Nima Rumba Biography

This is a biography of famous Nepali singer Nima Rumba.This Famous singer was born in 26th of may in suvarnapur one of the place in parsa district in Birgunj.His zodaic sign is Gemini.He started his music carrier in the year 1989 with his song aai deu priya.His first ever music video realesed was miss cat walk.
Nima Rumba says he loves his family,his fans,his country and his music and fears of loosing his voice.He is very pride to his country and considers it to be the ideal country in the world.He says he loves playing football and is fond of sleeping.He gets bore staying lone and gets irritated staying at the same place for the long time.He considers beer and Wiskey to be his best drink.He says he adores spending all the night on the beach with a bottle of champagne and he also specifies that he hates corruption and back biters
Some of his favs
Fav. Color :White, Black, Blue, Brown, Green
Fav. Place :Nepal
Fav. Food : Nepali
Fav. Actor :Brad Pitt, Mickey Rourkey, James Dean
Fav. Actress :Angelina Joli, Jennifer Lopez
Fav. Singer :George Michael, Michael Jackson
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