CDMA 1x Wireless MODEM Driver software Download

CDMA 1x Wireless MODEM driver software download

Hi guys, this is as help to the users who loose their driver software for CDMA 1x wireless modem because same case happened to me once.
I wanted to use internet with CDMA device with UTLNEPAl's SIM card and I got the device and the sim card ready.I wanted to use this with windows 7.
I lost my modem driver software, my device was useless without the driver and I searched a lot for the driver but I did not get any. I was unable to get the driver for my device of telewins as I could not find it on and I got frustrated. Later I went to the technician from whom I bought the device and asked a extra copy of CD with the back up of software and now I would like to share it with you guys and hope this will be helpful for you guys.
Click Here for downloading the copy of software for your CDMA wireless driver.
This driver works with every windows OS after XP, including XP,i.e Windows XP,Vista and Seven.

UTL Nepal's USIM Internet username and Password

To use internet you will need username and password and phone number to dial. Username is and password is Phonenumber and you need to dial the number #777.
For me, the username is
and password is 9722142867
and I dial #777

I hope this will help you guys.
Here is a preview of my CDMA 1x modem Device which was product from
CDMA 1x modem driver wireless

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where is the link dude.....

The Link is in Click Here Portion..

thanX alot buddy... you saved my money and time. i hope it works for another type which is not shown here.
i am in cyber now to download it ;)

I provided this because I was in search and never got it in the internet so I wanted to share. Its my pleasure and I am here to help..

does it work for srt 2008?? can i get the software driver for it?

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