NCELL 3G Connect High Speed Internet Review and Rating

NCELL 3G connect Review/Rating

NCELL has introduced itself as an ISP in Nepal by introducing NCELL 3G connect which is high speed internet and provides more than 3 Mbps speed at an appropriate condition which means you can surf 3+Mbps speed at 3G covered areas.

1.Speed: Since it provides a good speed in the 3g areas, I would rate it 5.0 out of 5 in speed as this is really high speed for Nepali.
2.Reliability: it provides good service and does not goes down and works well without speed fluctuation most of the time although it gives its maximum speed only at 3G covered areas, so I would rate it 4.0 out of 5 on reliablity.
3.Cost: It says it costs 1 NRS per MB but it is only when you subscribe first although it is not exactly because when you subscribe 600 rs, you will get 500 MB internet surf and in case you use without subscription, you will need to pay approximately 2 and half rupees for each MB. From my personal experience, you will spend 100 rupees an hour if you surf normally without any downloads,so it is very costly and I would rate it 1.2 out of 5 at costs.

In total it gets a rating of 3.4 in total 5 as it fails in price. So if it makes some reduction in cost or if it provides unlimited surfing in the same speed at monthly cost basis, it would get rated +4by me.


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