Nepali Dashain Sms

Dashain sms

dashain sms
Here are some of the collection of Dashain Sms or Dashara SMS.Since Dashain is win over dark and is the most famous festival,I have collected some text messages in order to pass out greeting in Dashain.This messgae is specialy created for Dashain 2067 or 2010 but may be used for any of the comming Dashain.

Tin janale Tapaiko Ghar ko bato khojdai thiye,
Maile tiniharulai batai diyeko chu,
So yo Dashain ma Tiniharu tapaiko Ghar ko Dhoka Dhakdhakaune chan
Ti hun Sukha,Shanti ani Samriddhi
Tapaiko Yespali koDashai Sukhad Rahos
Happy Dashain

Nidarma Tika,
Kaana ma Jamara,
Sukha Rahos Yes Paliko Dashain Hajurko,
Yehi nai ho Mero Dashain Ko Kamana
Happy Dashain.

Vagya Chamkiwos Sabaiko,
Sabaiko hos Sukha Samridhi,
sukha Shanti Hos Sub Tira,
Mata Durga ko Bas hos charai tira
Yehi nai cha mero Dashain ko subhakamana

Dashain nai ho ki Yo mero Dashain Farki ayeko
Kina Yesle malai yesto satayeko
Satayeni kei chaina Khusshi ni lyaucha
Dashai jasto ramailo aru k ma nai aaucha.
Subha Bijaya Dasami

These are just some of Dashain sms.Please Paste If you have any at comments below so the collection will be large.Waiting forward for your all good Response.
Your small help will be precious for us
Since Dashain is a great festival for Nepali,Dashain sms is also very much useful to Nepali.


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