Lok Dohori Song

lok dohori songs

Lok Dohori Songs
Hi all This post is about lok dohori songs that has been famous in Nepal.Lok Dohori is a word that refers Nepali Tradition.Dohori words refers to debate or conversation between two.Lok Dohori is a kind of debate that usually is done by singing.This is somekind of singing competition usually done between two groups one Boy Group and the other Girl Group.So lok dohori songs usually means songs sung in a manner of conversation.There is a conversation between the two groups within a song.
Today Nepal is loosing its tradition because these songs are usually not preferred by the young generation.The young generation usually prefers rock and pop music but the tradition is always our.Some of the hotels also perform Dohori saaj or dohori sanjh.This means some of them perform dohori programs in order for promotion and prevention of this old tradition.
The example of lok Dohori song is below.This shows a conversation between two groups.Really interesting.
Hope you got some idea from this post.


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