Check Blog or Website Popularity by Traffic

Check Website Popularity

Here I will Provide some of the tricks to know the Blog or website popularity.You can Check if Blog is popular by visit or not.You can check it with various ways.Many of the ways to check blog or website popularity,I will List below.

Since If you want to link exchange with some blogs pr websites,you will first need to know website popularity because noone will like to Pass out a link to unused or inactive blogs.Here are some of the ways to do it.

If the blog contains Blog stats like number of visit in a day,number of total visit,unique hits,Page views in a day,You can easily detect how popular the blog is by Checking the views.

The other way to check how popular the blog is,is by looking at some total suscribers of the blogs or websites,more is the suscribers,more popular is the blog.In my personal view,I consider a blog having more than 200 suscribers is good.But this is not same all the time.
This image is an example of having 4143 suscribers.

The other way to assume the popularity of blog is by looking the comments in a blog.More is the comment and responses,we can guess the blog is more popular.

The next way is by checking the pagerank.You can check Page rank for a blog at sites like PRCHECK .The more is the pagerank,more popular the blog or the website will seem to be.Maximum page rank is no more than 10.

The other way is by checking the alexa ranking.Higher is the rank,more popular the site is.

The blog or the template can also be reputed with its view.Its not the exact way to check popularity but its a psychological way.More the webpage looks beautiful,more will it be reputed.


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