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Hi all.Please Try this if you have a verified Paypal.This sure Works as I am Paid as a first payment i.e $10 just 1 day after I signed up for this.
This is a Paid to Forum and if you dont really know what paid to forum is,I will tell it in Brief.
Paid to forum is a site that enables users to do the same that you do in other forums like discussing and replying to other messages but the difference is that you are paid to do this.For Each Post you make,you will be paid 5 cents at techdoctordeals and you get 7 cents for every technology related posts.With this ratio,I made my first payout easily and I am sharing this.
Techdoctordeals is product and is really easy to earn and interesting.You get paid for the thing you are interested to do.
But this pays in Paypal and paypal ID must be the same as you used to sign in at techdoctordeals.You can also edit and change the email at anytime at Settibgs Tab.
I am paid four times till now and here are my three proofs.

Update:Your pay per post increases on each referrer you make.

Note:The rule here changes time to time,so please be updated yourself.
To make believe that this pays you may consult with techdoctor's members and see payments proofs there.

Payment Proof

This is payment proof from swiftgamers when I was paid for the second time.

payment from TDD

Forth payement(CAD 50$)


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