PTC Wallet is SCAM and NEVER pays

There may be many users who are being fooled by PTC wallet.If you are related to PTC wallet,just read this post.

PTC wallte is a paid to click program which says it pays after a minimum payout of 100$ which is difficult to make and even if we make of our hard works,we are not paid.
I use PTC wallet and It took me more than months with 8 referrers that I made with all of my efforts to make 100$.I was very happy to make my cash out and It said it would pay after 1 month.
I waited desperately for one month to pass but that 1 month never passed.Perhaphs its now 6th month after I made a cashout,I am not paid yet and I am sure I will not be paid too.So I suggest you not to use PTC wallet and waste your precious time as I did.
If you are interested in PTC better try NEOBUX as I am already paid two times.
Hope you will never try PTC wallet as it is cent percent SCAM


you r absolutely right.same thing happend 2 me.its just a fake site.

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