Make money Online from Nepal

Online Earning tips in Nepal

If you are in this page,I am sure you are interested on making money online and frankly this is really one of my interest and I have been trying to do so from many years. I have tried many tricks and failed a lot of time which made me conscious about them and now I can separate which is spam and which is true.

,I am from Nepal and I will teach some of my legit ideas on how to make online money from Nepal. since I have never found any Nepali site that offers payments and money earning online,there is need of getting something that can be used for getting payments from sites that allows making money.One of
the way is using a paypal.If you have paypal ID,you can get paid and I will say how you can exactly
withdraw money you earned online to your bank accounts in Nepal.
Firstly you will need to make a paypal account but usually paypal does not allow transiction to Nepali
paypal account,so if there is anyone abroad,you can request them to make a paypal account and then you can
start making money online using paypal.
Here are the list of sites that is very much trusted by me and I am already paid by these.

Preferred:Among this Neobux and Mylot are the Trusted one.I trust mylot more and this is interesting to use and easy as well. You get paid for making discussions.

When you use these sites and accumulate some money on paypal,there is a question how to withdraw paypal money to
Nepali bank accounts.There is a simple way but this may cost some service task.There is a money transiction site in
Nepal called esewa through which you can transfer money to your back make a profile at esewa,link your bank
account and start your process.You can send money from paypal to esewa and through esewa you can withdrwa it to
your bank account.
So try this.
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
Even as an alternative, you can use Alertpay as payment gateway because you get payments directly to your investment bank accounts with Alert-pay by spending 15$ fees.


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