Send Unlimited Free sms to NTC(Nepal Telecom using axisflash)

Send Free sms to Nepal Telecom

Sorry to inform this does not work these days and if you want to send free sms in Nepal, try out new trick with HMT Free sms
You can send free unlimited sms to Nepal Telecom Numbers in Nepal using Axisflash.
I got this site and what I was said that I will be able to send unlimited free sms worldwide.Then when I researched this site in Nepali mobile operators,I found that sms was delivered to all the Nepal telecom numbers and I was able to send message to all Nepal telecom members unlimited times.
Then I tried sending some sms to NCELL ,i.e. meromobile numbers but I was unable to send message.Although it said that the sms was send,my sms was not delivered then I got my result for research.
It proved that axisflash worked for Nepal Telecom numbers in Nepal so we can send as many sms we like with disclosing our name.
Send as much sms as you like to Nepal Telecom.


Thanks for the link.Really NTC ma jado racha...

WOW sir,
Ncell ma panie au6u and Jan6 sms yar

This is best idia of sending free sms ........
thans yar

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