How to trade Foreign currencies(Forex) in Nepal

How to trade Foreign currencies in Nepal

It is possible you can trade currencies in Nepal and additionally you can trade online as well because there is no restrictions on using online websites to trade in Nepal.
Forex trading is increasing its popularity in Nepal as well because of it liquidity and availability.
There are many people in Nepal who trade to earn money.So you can do it as well.
All you need is to invest something before you can start. You need an e currency,either Alertpay or paypal or anything your site accepts.
Alertpay is easy to create and use in context of Nepal.

You can trade in various sites like eToro or UWCFC or anyone which you find best but you need to be sure you are trading in the legit one.
One thing I would like to add is start with a demo account until you are confident you can trade well.


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