Nepal Cricket and Football - Do they Need Competitions ?

With Cricket's rise and Football's fall, Nepali Cricket has been loved much but still Football is the best sports in Nepal.

Considering's a semifinal defeat to Afghanistan, Nepali Football has not been able to deliver much, while in the other hand, Nepali Cricket has reached to the World Cup T20, which is the very first time, Nepali Sports has reached to certain height.

There has been a lot of discussion on which has been the greates sports in the country however there is no certain answer to that. It depends on people to people on which sports they prefer.

Considering the current situation, Nepali Cricket has delivered much without or with just little investments, while Nepali Football has lot more investments considered to the Nepalese cricket, however has failed to deliver good result.

The only positives of SAFF championship was the rise of Bimal Gharti Magar and a victory against India that was one of the most happy moment in Nepali Football in past decades.

Nepalese Football must now be seriously managed, the league has been just a formality completed, matches are done at hurry, a team plays three matches a week which is certainly not good at all as they wont get much time in the training, neither they get any time for rest which concerns the fitness. This is why Nepalese Footballers never get to play with 100% fitness.

Meanwhile Nepali Cricket has been in the safe hands of Pubudu who has done a lot at recent time, still it needs development.

We hope to see these sports developed side by side, not as a competitors.


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