Nepali Engineer|Plane Without Pilot|Computer realising Thoughts and Emotions

Airplane Without Pilot and a Computer understands Human Thought and Emotions

Naturally,I do not post any news but this is an artificial condition for me and a proud being a Nepali that a Nepali engineer Claims he has an idea to invent an aeroplane that needs no pilot and also a computer that needs no keyboard,mouse or lightpen as input device but just human thoughts acts as input device.
If American government permits the patent submitted by Nepali Engineer,soon the sky will experience airplane without a pilot and computer that needs only an output device and a headset.
"A computer does not need a keyboard neither mouse nor any other input device but just a screen and Headset" says Ruchit Kumar Regmi who is in his final step for the approve of his patent.
"Wating for my final test",Says Regmi with Nagarik Daily newspaper.If passed in that test,patent will be copyright in his name and will be the owner of that invention.You can see the patent in american website USPTO.GOV also youu can see his invention summary and description here.
According to International Business export Ratnakar Adhikari,"Achieving final test of patent approvement is great achievement for Nepali."
According to Mr.Regmi four international companies Boeing,Airbus,Ratan and Microsoft has already shown interest in his Patent before it is published.
Mr. Regmi says he already has spend 2000 US$ for this achivement and says needs more 3000 US$ for final approvement and has expected help from Nepal Government.
Lets Hope For his Best.

Post Report:Nagarik Daily News:July 15 2010
For more details July 15 2010 nagarik News

Update: Recently Cabinet meeting declared to help MR Ruchit Kumar with 20 lakhs Nepalese Currency for his Final process of getting the American Patent Right.

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Man,is it possible !!?? Or is it just a fiction !!??

We must say this is kind of true because Nepali Government decided to help him with 20 lakhs Nepalese Rupees as said by news.

proud to b a nepali. all the best bro.....

next generation starts here...

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