Get Some Visitors With Yahoo Answers

Get some Visitors from yahoo Answers

First of all,Yahoo answers is a portal developed by Yahoo where you find many users who asks questions and you can answer then solving their questions.
This is a great portal which includes a lot of active members which you can you to get some additional visitors fro your website and I shall be explaining how.
Suppose your blog is about making money online,then first of all sign in to and then search for the question with keyword that best suits your blog post.
Then explore question and if you see someone who asks as related to your blog post then link your answer with your blog post and this will provide some extra visitors.

In world cup time,when people used to ask how to watch live game,then I used to answer with my blog that provide proper video streaming for free and i used to get more than 100 visit a day from yahoo answers.So this is the best portal to get visitor if you give some time.

Be sure you do not post similar links again and again or your blog may be marked spam,better you can use different URL shrinker websites to link to your bog post.
Be sure you provide proper content so that visitors get what they want or they will loose trust and may not believe your answers.

So be careful and be honest to get some targeted visitor to your site or blog.


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