Download softwares at quick speed in Nepal almost half of Browsing speed

High Speed Download in Nepal
This is really good news for people who browse internet in Nepal and who lie to download softwares.
high speed internet download

With Worldlink you can download softwares over the internet at unbelievable speed. I have practically done this and I get download speed of over 128 kbps at my 256 kbps internet speed.
Usually download speed is approximately 1/8 times the speed of your internet but when you download softwares from world link site, you will get an unbelievable download speed.
This is because World link has its server here in Nepal which makes your download real quick.
you can download important softwares like yahoo messenger,msn messenger,various antivirus and antispyware softwares and even video converters and itunes at unbelievable download speed.
So click

this link

to download from wlink.


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