How to Hack CRBT password to use free CRBT Nepal Telecom

Use Free CRBT

Nepal telecom CRBT
This is exactly not hacking but this is a kind of trick which will help you to use CRBT free on other's cost and will cost nothing for you.
So I will explain you how.
While you make a new CRBT account on Nepal telecom, you are asked to enter password of at least 6 characters and most of the people enter 12356 for their quick registration and this is the fault which you can make as an advantage. Almost 50 percent of people I know has same password, so you can guess for a number and try the same password.
This is the most common mistake that most of the user make while they are in hurry to sign up for new account specially when they make account by dialing the phone. So this post is to make them conscious about that if they do so, their account can be accessed by unauthorized person, so I suggest not to hurry while you make account and if you have done that better change to a secure password.
Any detail or help about this,, 9842103346 online every time.


wow nice trick musicbid, thanks i will TRY ..

then how to gift crbt tone to my number??

ok soo i opened others cbrt what
how do i set cbrt in my number..cos if i order it will set to the account no. not mine

Once you access other's account, you can gift a ringtoe to your number. After that you need to log in to your account and then set the gifted tone as CRbt.

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