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May be this is the information that is already known to you , but this is the post targeted to those Ncell users who are unaware about this information.
You can send free SMS from to any Ncell users and all you need is to log on with your phone number and password.
You can create a new password by dialing *900# and following the steps which says you need to type 5 and send to make password.
to make it more easy dial 9006 and follow the instructions.
When you make password, you can log on to
Then you will come through your accounts page which is a dashboard to control your online Ncell account.
When you enter the dashboard, you can click on send sms uder General sections and the enter the details and make a free SMS

some suggestionsyou may try


what happened to u have to give us more facilities but u reduces facilities....please say me how to send web sms in ncell from anywhere in the world.....

SpiceNepal has changed to
As you used to send websms from, now you can send with The user name and password of your log in both remains same.
If you are even confused, you can make me private questions at
Hope this helps.

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