Make Free Calls From Nepal to the United States of America(USA)

Free calls from Nepal to USA Unlimited

USa Nepal
Here I will discuss on some ideas with which you can make free calls from Nepal to the USA.
I have collected some ideas based on some research and this all works. You can use any of these free calls ideas:


This software helps to make free calls to United States. You can download the software for your computer at and then start making free unlimited calls to the USA. You can make unlimited calls but at an interval of each 5 minutes. You can make 5 minutes interval call for unlimited times.

Gmail Calls

I guess you do have a gmail email account. If yes, you can make free calls to the USA and Canada. Just sign in to your Gmail account and then click in the call phone at left side of the window. It asks you to install the plugin. Install it and enjoy make free calls to the USA and Canada.

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