DashDhunga|Nepali Movie Review

DasdhungaThe Film 'DasDhunga' is a realistic story that shows the accidental death of famous communist minister Madhan Bhandari and jiwraj Aasrit.The time of Bhandari's death was the same time when he was famous among the Nepalese Political leaders so his death also was constricted to be a murder although not sure.

The Film starts with Actors Anup Baral,Dayahanj Rai,Sanchita Luitel,etc..The main taste of the film is that it has been assisted by some of the investigators and the eye witness of same accidents.Produce by Apil Bista,Directed by Manoj Pandit,Film has a great hope.
The film is the flashback of the past.IT recreates the curiosity among the film viewers and inspire them to talk what the reality is and step forward to reveal the real suspense.The Film shows the weak security strength of Nepal which is not able to point out the real reason for the famous minister end even 17 years after.
The films proves to be stronger as it is able to make the viewers interest in 17 years older incident.Although the films has done a good business but it has not fulfilled its expectations.


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