Hack a Wireless router WEP and WPA2 key for free internet access

Hack a Wireless router WEP and WPA2 key

Unauthorized access to a neighbour's Wifi is not that hard if
  • You have good computer Knowledge.
  • If your device catches wifi with good strength.
  • If the Wifi has WEP keys.
First off all the major condition is that the wireless network must have a WEP key because it is easy to break by sending some packets to the victim's router whereas WPA key are not that easy to hack.

You will need a backtrack OS for this purpose. A backtrack is an OS that works on Linux environment. You can download backtrack and install it in a bootable DVD which you will need in the further process.

Some possible tips::
  1. Be sure you have patience because you will need that.
  2. Don't get worried you will have to work in command line in this process because I had no knowledge on it but the video below shows you each step and you can do it when I did it.
When you make a backtrack bootable DVD, then follow the steps given in the video. The video can help anyone to do and you do not need to be a computer genius.

Hope this helps you because I did it by myself following this video.

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Thanks for this beautiful tip brother.

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