Automatic GPRS settings for NTC|Nokia,LG,sony ericson,samsung,Chinese phones

GPRS setting for NTC Nepal Telecom

You can get automatic settings for GPRS of NTC for any kind of mobile phones you have
No matter if you have chinese set or any.


Chinese set GPRS Setting for NTC

Type CHGPRS and send message to 1404
you will then get message for GPRS setting


Nokia phones,Lg phones,Indian Phones

type GPRS and send message to 1404

for Sony Ericson
Type SEGPRS and send to 1404

For Samsung GPRS
type SAGPRS and send message to 1404

If you are asked to enter pin number or pin code,you need to enter your sim card's pin code.
the default pin code for NTC sim cards are 1234

You will be cost normal message rate to get the automatic setting.

I have tried this sms system with different mobile phones like
Nokia6300,Lg cu920VU,Micromax mobile,Different Chinese set,Nokia 3110,Nokia 6303,nokia 5110,etc
and this worked.

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This is really important suggestion.I need not set up the setting manually after I did this for my Nokia 5880

I was in search for a chinese mobile GPRS setting.Thanks for the information

I already had installed the settings but I just tried to give a try and I found it works,It sends automatic sms.Really great

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