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Autoblogging Trick for Blogspot
It is obvious that there are many plugins for wordpress blogs in order to make an auto post but it is rare we talk about autoblogging in blogger blogs.
I have just found an idea to make auto blog posts in blogger blogs.
For this you need to activate blogging by email function.
You can follow these steps to make auto blog posts in your blog:

First click settings tab in your blogger dashboards,
autoblogging in blogger blogs

then click Email and mobile.
blogspot autoblogs

There you need to enter an email address to make an autoblogging and select the option either you want to make an instant post or save the posts in drafts.
autoblogging in blogger

Then when you create the email address, you need to subscribe the email address in the site's RSS feed whose content you want to make an auto post.

Then when you do this you will get rss to that email address and you can make a auto post.

I would suggest you to use save emails as drafts because you can edit them afterwards to maintain some better keywords.

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