Importance of Pictures/Graphics to Optimize your blog

Importance of picture in a blog

Graphic is much important in your blog or a website. It is need in order to make your blog look good is primary consideration while in the other hand there are many internal reason why you need to place and optimize Graphics in your blog. I suggest to put Graphics in each blog post because this helps to optimize your blog post to some extend.Graphics
Graphic is much important because it helps to drive some traffic to your blog is you optimize it properly. There are many people who are in search of images in Google or yahoo, so if you enter an alt tag at your images, they will be visible in Google images or yahoo images search which will help you generate some traffic.
Beside, I have experimentally found that if images are placed in the blog posts and if the image alt is made something related to the title of the blog post, that post is quite more preferred by the search engines because search engine robots tracks the image alt as well.
So I would suggest to place image with proper alt text.


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