Google Page Rank PR Update April/May 2011

Google PageRank Update may 2011

Page Rank Update 2011 may
I do not know if you guys have noticed any change in your page rank but what I found when I checked today (may 22,2011), my page rank was updated for my newest domain meronagar .So I guess there is a pr update at this may but Google is updating it gradually so have patience. There was a rumor of PR update in April but when I checked it was false but later now on may, when I checked PR for, I found it was 1 but I bought this domain just 3 months ago and with no effort I got first PR for this domain but instantly when I found PR was updated, I checked PR update for my blog which I put lots of effort on and PR was just 1 which means no change. So I can say google is slowly updating its PR.
Hope my other domain gets highes PR as well.

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