Send Free WebSMS in Nepal

Send Free WebSMS in Nepal
free websms nepalFree websms is one of the hot topic over the internet. There are many people in the internet who search for sending free sms from the web to sms so called websms. There are many websites that offers sending free sms in Nepal but bad news is that they are never stable. So to start the talk about sendning free sms lets start with the genuine way.
Ncell Websms: You can register with your ncell number at and send free sms
Ntc WebSMS: You can register with your ntc cell and send 10 free sms from

Similarly I have found some other sites too that helps sending free sms in Nepal. Recently today I have found a blog that helps to send free sms after every 5 minutes intervel.
Similary sites like alos helps sending daily free 1 websms to any operator in Nepal.

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Wow we can send free sms from that blog you provided above thanks. But it allows 1 sms in 5 minutes for unlimited times. Really great.

Yes thanks worked...but waiting 5 minutes is little awkward.

where to go for sending web sms please tell procedure

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