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Comments can play vital role to drive some traffics and collect some backlinks. It is best way to get back links and these are effective as well.
I have collected some blog lists that needs no comment moderation. Most of the blogs supports no comment moderation under all cases but some blogs uses disqus for comments, so in case the blog uses disqus, comments with links posted in the body are sent for moderation. So it is better you just place links in title of you name,i.e by linking your website to your name. pagerank6 pagerank6 disqus pagerank5 disqus pagerank5 pagerank4 pagerank4 pagerank4 pagerank4 pagerank 3 pagerank3 pagerank 3 pagerank 3 disqus pagerank3 pagerank3 pagerank3 pagerank3 pagerank3 page Rank 2 pagerank1 pagerank1 pagerank 0 pagerank 0 pagerank0 pagerank0 pagerank0 pagerank0 pagerank0 pagerank0 page rank 0 pagerank0 pagerank N/A

This data is up to date till may 28,2011 may be blog owners can change the settings later.
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