Watch Nepali Movie Loot Trailer Online

Some Suggestions

Now this is the movie I am waiting for. This is Nepali Movie that makes me think that Nepal has improved in making movies. I do not know if the movie is good or not but I liked the trailer and I am sure I will watch the movie after it releases. I hope this winter we will enjoy this movie. There are many slang words in this trailer so be sure you keep yourself private when you watch the trailer.So enjoy the trailer.

 So might you have enjoyed the trailer, then I suggest you to watch the song from this movie. The title of the song is udreko choli and the girl in the song is trying to make herself look sexy. I hope you guys will enjoy the song from same movie Loot. This Nepali Movie Loot might rock. Lets hope so. Check the song.

So hope you guys like Udreko Choli. Lets wait for the movie to release and let us watch it together. Our support can make nepali Movie better. Hope that in coming days we will see Nepali Movies competing Bollywood and Hollywood.



hey can you upload loot movie full free here ????

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