Condition of Nepali Film Industry

Nepali Film IndustryThis is the degrading condition of Nepali Flim industry.Nepali Film industry has been experiencing a series of flop films.One side the production of films are increasing and on the other hand the release of flop flims are never decreasing.The flim industry is experiencing a large loss.
The practical analysis has proved that not much films are able to get their market in Film hall or theater more than a week.This created a dispute to the production sites when they are unable to get back the investments.
According to current analysis,out of seven films released,2 of them got a good feedback by the viewers.This shows just approx of 30 percent success of Nepali Film industry.Out of the seven films released that are Kasam hajurko,Aviyan,Berojgar,Halchal,Didivai,Afno Manche Afnai Huncha and Ram-Balaram, only two of them i.e Didivai and Afno Manche Afnai huncha were able to collect some Budget while other were a super Flop.
Not only the flops.Nepali Films have also created a good hits such as Darpan Chaya about a decade ago.It was a super hit Nepali movie.Also the recent hits such as Sano Sansar and Mero euta Sathi chha proved to bring some revolution in the industry but these revolution did not continue long.
So we Pray for Bright Future of Nepali Film industry.
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