Multi Programming System

Multi-Programming; Multiprogramming is a rudimentary form of parallel processing in which several programs appears to run at the same time on a single processor. Since there is only one processor, there can be no true simultaneous execution of different programs. Instead, the operating system executes part of one program, then part of another, and so on. To the user it appears that all programs are executing at the same time.
For this operation, each program occupies the partition on a memory. When one program is active or is running by the processor, other is halted by a processor(till it needs some input from user or needs to provide output).This way it appears all the program is running at a same time apparently, but the process inside is operated step by step. Its advantage is that it reduces or utilizes spare time to reduce total elapsed time and it also maximizes CPU performance by minimizing its unused time. The most famous operating system of this type was IBM OS360.


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